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Help Gloriana Grab #1 This Week + Album Countdown!

23 July 2012 No Comment

I usually save radio updates for Saturday, but since this is the week before album release, it’s time to kick it into gear. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in and requested ‘KYGN’ at radio last weekend – it worked! The band now has their first Top 3 song at radio. Now we have 8 days or less to get them to #1 at radio to help celebrate their release. Today, we wake up to the song having NEGATIVE plays, which is usually a start to a decline so do not slack today. Use my tips below to use your hardcore Gloriana fandom the best you can. Let the countdown begin!

  • 1-click request every single day at the first 15 links
  • 1-click request every single day at all links
  • 1-click request and share the link on your Facebook and Twitter pages

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