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Gloriana #2 at Radio – 1-Click Request DAILY to Grab #1!

30 July 2012 No Comment

Once again, I usually save this for Saturday but this is a huge week for Gloriana! They’re FINALLY #2 at radio and we cannot let them get one spot away from having their first #1 song and not grab it. Make sure you’re requesting at the entire list every single day. It takes 30 minutes and it looks like you can request while listening to the entire new album. If you keep saying the list is too long, no excuses this week since they’re so close. Make time! Click here or above to head on over and request!

NOW, we were aiming for #1 by tomorrow but in reality, we would want them to go #1 by NEXT week since that is when final album sales will be released. How amazing would it be to have the #1 single AND album? Only YOU can make that happen. Don’t let them down now. Love and Theft is creeping up very quickly and we can’t let them pass. When requesting be sure to not include anyone else in your form. Let’s do this!!

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