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Capture a Vid of ‘(Kissed You) Good Night’? Submit It!

12 September 2012 No Comment

Calling all amateur videographers! I’m looking for your best, your worst, and your absolute funniest (for those who have witnessed an awkward couple on stage, I’m looking at you) LIVE videos of ‘(Kissed You) Good Night’! They can be from your camera or your cell phone and if your friends are captured dancing throughout, all the better. Upload your videos at this link and send me an email with the uploaded video link. If the video is small enough and will send through an email, that is fine too and if I have to grab it off YouTube I can! PLEASE – videos from 18+/21+ shows only.

MUST be of Gloriana performing ‘KYGN’.
MUST be from an 18+/21+ show only.
HD Camera OR cell phone quality.
Submit your video here!
QUESTIONS? Leave a comment!

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