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Mediabase Update and Request Links for Week of 9/9!

15 September 2012 No Comment

Here we go again! Obviously, there won’t be a chart update for a while (unless you fans somehow attack this like there is no tomorrow and we have a T Swift ‘Never Ever’ moment), but this week I am still going to pinpoint the stations that added ‘Can’t Shake You’ to their rotation right off the bat. Make sure to 1-click request at all of the links below. Let’s get this song started off high early!

WJVC (Nassau-Suffolk)
KRTY (San Jose)
WFUS (Tampa)
KXLY (Spokane)
KUPL (Portland)
KCYE (Las Vegas)
KKIX (Fayetteville)
KSOP (Salt Lake City)
KXKT (Omaha)
WDAF (Kansas City)
WGTY (York)
WIL (St. Louis)
WMIL (Milwaukee)
WNOE (New Orleans)
WTGE (Baton Rouge)
WOGI (Pittsburgh)

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