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[ 26 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]

While searching the Hot Topic store website this morning I came across a NEW Gloriana t-shirt! It’s currently on sale for $3.97 ($4?!). It’s fit for the fellas out there, but tip for the girls, cutting down the neck to make a V-neck and cutting off the sleeves, pair this baby with a jean vest and that’d be pretty darn good lookin! Now that I’ve brought that idea to my attention, off shopping I will go!

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[ 13 Apr 2012 | No Comment ]
Pictures from South Deerfield, MA – 04/11/12!

Pictures from Gloriana’s set during KIX 100.9′s St. Jude Partner In Hope Concert have been added today. I believe this was a private event since it wasn’t listed anywhere, for those in MA who were clueless. Check out the pics below and a video of the band singing ‘KYGN’ here. Enjoy!

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[ 22 Feb 2012 | No Comment ]

I realize this isn’t exactly news, but I vowed to cover all of the “exciting” aspects of Gloriana’s career. With that being said, Tom has chopped off his hair bringing him back to 2009 and before. So, do you miss the long hair or have you been waiting for the day for him to cut it off?

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[ 9 Feb 2012 | No Comment ]

‘(Kissed You) Good Night’ continues to climb the Billboard Country Charts, this week landing at #31 (#33 last week)! Really, one more spot til the Top 30 and we couldn’t creep them past it? You know what that means. Mission: request every single morning by 1-click requesting and once a week by calling your station. Once again, thank you to everyone who requests! Youda best.
Weeks on Billboard:
Week 15: 31
Week 14: 33
Week 13: 36
Week 12: 36
Week 11: 35
Week 10: 36
Week 9: 42
Week 8: 38
Week 7: 41
Week 6: 45
Week 5: 51
Week 4: 56
Week …